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Procurement section of FEEDIP provides high value steel products, valves and oilfield equipment and materials predominantly to the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry and to varying manufacturing and allied industries. In pursuance of this, Feedip oil & gas has developed a portfolio of strong business relationships with leading international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and supply houses around

The world.
This division is developing rapidly with the objective of becoming the country’s leading Buying house for these specialist items.

  • Oil Field consumables
  • Safety/Personal Protective Equipment
  • Welding Equipment & Consumables

Heat Exchangers

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers
  • Air & Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger
  • Aluminum Air to Air Heat Exchanger
  • Marine Plate & Shell
  • Chillers
  • Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers
  • Pumps, Parts and Accessories
  • Oilfield Drilling Chemicals and Mud

Compressors and Turbines

  • Single-shaft, centrifugal compressor
  • Oil free screw compressor
  • Oil injected screw compressor
  • Integral geared centrifugal compressor
  • Reciprocating compressor
  • Steam turbines,
  • Gas turbines,
  • Combined gas and steam turbines,
  • Electric motors

Power Systems

  • Fisher Pressure Controllers, regulators and filters
  • Pipe wrap tapes, primer and coating materials Heat Shrink Sleeves
  • Casing, Line pipe, tubing, pup joints, drill collar, x-over
  • Heavy duty CAT generators and accessories
  • Charge controller, transformer, converters
  • Scotch cast power cable tap splice kit etc

FEEDIP provides all services related to inspection, operation and maintenance of onshore and offshore installations. We have the capacity as a company to

operate both as an independent supplier and in partnership with other companies:
The scope of the services includes the following:

    • Maintenance Techniques and Methods
    • Materials Technology
    • Inspection and NDT (Non Destructive Testing)
    • Corrosion Testing
    • Engineering and Project Management
    • Material and Corrosion Inspection
    • Surface protection
    • Coating
    • Insulation, scaffolding and surface treatment
    • Rope Access Techniques
    • Rigging and mechanical trades
    • Concrete Maintenance