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Our security surveillance services include the following: - Real-time observation - a stable bird's eye view with the ability to zoom in, take Photos and maneuver the payload like a 3D pan-tilt-zoom security camera “on demand” with HD video or thermal infrared capability. - Covert and overt surveillance of critical infrastructure and perimeters to provide protection to staff, resources and assets. - Suspicious object/package assessment (visually). - Rapid response to remotely identified security threats. - Ongoing and routine surveillance according to a pre-determined - Ability to ‘lock on’ to identified target or threat.

Our ranges of UAVs can be used to change the face of modern security such as: Airport and port security: Drones can be equipped with high-definition cameras take snapshots and forward them to officers using portable consoles up to 1 or 2 kilometres away. Our drone cameras can also be used to assess and monitor accidents, to provide information during search and rescue situations, and to gather information about approaching vessels or ships with sensitive cargos. Event protection: Our drones are ideal to secure event places just as drones were used to protect the arena of Sochi Olympic and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, It will provide 24-hour air surveillance over high-traffic areas, it can be used to track crowds and report any sign of disturbance to local law enforcement officers and security companies. The goal of using our UAV during crowded events is to stifle unrest before it even becomes an issue. While recording events from high above and gathering vast amounts of data, the UAV regularly beam back information to ground level, helping secure locations much faster than a regular camera would have.

Remote Surveillance and Reconnaissance: Ground cameras, no matter how high-tech, are still limited by their design. If an intruder steps out of a camera’s field of vision, the camera essentially becomes useless. Cameras are usually fixed on street corners or have to be handled manually by surveillance staff. Although aerial surveillance with helicopters is a good alternative, it is unfortunately a costly solution. Our UAVs can be used to ensure the safety of a location before even reaching it. By dispatching a UAV prior to arrival, we will be able to record footage of the destination and make sure there’s nothing afoot.

The advantages of unmanned systems are: they provide overviews which normally require several cameras; can enter narrow and confined spaces and produce minimal noise. The unmanned systems can also be equipped with night vision cameras and heat sensors to provide imagery that human eyes cannot detect. This solution can dramatically increase the applicability, improve the quality, and decrease the costs, of surveillance.